Our History


The Foundation

Arnold Gray moves to Antwerp from London where he starts trading in diamonds after having been mesmerized by them since his childhood.

Building Bridges

Arnold Gray is one of the founding fathers of the Indo-Belgian diamond trade. After having travelled dozens of times to India since the 1950’s the trade between Antwerp and India starts to flourish.

Second Generation

Maurice Hirschhorn starts to work as a diamond cleaver. He invents a technique to speed up the process significantly. During his time as cleaver he gains valuable insight in rough diamonds.

Diamond Connection

Maurice Hirschhorn marries Arnold’s daughter and they join forces. Together they became successful in sourcing polishing diamonds.

Legacy Continues

CMR Diamonds NV is established as a partnership to strengthen relationships with our partners and customers.

Third Generation

Yigal Hirschhorn son of Maurice is going to Africa to source ethically mined diamonds and after five years joins the company.

What we do

Selling Diamonds
Making Jewellery
Buying Diamonds & Jewellery
Polishing & Recutting of Diamonds
In-house Appraisal & Certification
Laser Engraving
Our Mission

We believe that diamonds are valuable and maintain their value, that is if you buy them at the right price. Our mission is to share this wonderful sparkling gem with the world.

Our Vision

Currently the company works worldwide having sales representatives in various countries. The longstanding family tradition, knowledge and respect for the trade and clients are our company’s core values.

Our team

Get to know the people behind CMR Diamonds.
Maurice Hirschhorn
Managing Director & Founder

Yigal Hirschhorn
General Manager

Filip Kuzniar
Sales Executive Eastern Europe

Robert Sniegocki
Investment Diamond Expert

Ludovic Sansigaud
Sales Executive France